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Greek Language Proficiency

Recognized Greek Language Proficiency Exams

Every May, the Centre for Greek Language, Ministry of Education of Greece, organizes worldwide certification exams in Greek Language Proficiency. These exams are open to all candidates regardless of ethnic background, who are learning Greek as a second or foreign language. Successful candidates are awarded with an official certificate of proficiency in Greek, which they receive every January at the GCT’s Three Hierarchs Awards Ceremony. We highly recommend that you register to a Paideia designated Greek language program to successfully prepare for the Ellinomatheia exams. Paideia is a comprehensive Greek Language program based on the principles and demands of the Ellinomatheia exams. Currently, you can find Paideia schools in Toronto, Ottawa and St. Catharines Ontario.

EllinoMatheia Exams 2017

Tuesday May 16, 2017 and Wednesday May 17, 2017

The Ellinomatheia Examination Centre of the Greek Community of Toronto would like to inform all interested participants that registrations for the Ellinomatheia exams will take place from February 1 2017 to March 19 2017. The examinations will take place May 16-17, 2017 at the Polymenakion Cultural Centre (30 Thorncliffe Park Dr.). Please note that there are seven different levels of certification:

- Α1 (elementary knowledge for children, ages 8-12)

- Α1 (elementary knowledge for teenagers and adults)

- Α2 (basic knowledge)

- Β1 (average knowledge)

- Β2 (good knowledge)

- C1 (very good knowledge)

- C2 (excellent knowledge)

Please Note:

Applicants will need to provide a copy of their passport or another official photo ID.

For more information, please call the Education Office at 416-425- 2485 or visit the website of the Centre for the Greek Language at: