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Adult Programs

Beginner Greek

This beginners' course assumes no knowledge of the Greek language. The focus is on speaking using simple grammar through intensive class participation. By course end, the student will be able to participate in everyday situations, such as using appropriate greetings, requesting and giving information, expressing likes and dislikes, giving opinions and relating past, present and future events at a basic level.


Intermediate Greek I

This course is ideal for students who have had some previous exposure to Greek or have completed Beginner Greek. This course is also designed for people with equivalent language skills that include basic grammar and conversation. Students will also learn more advanced grammar and vocabulary, verb conjugations and other activities through contemporary teaching styles.


Intermediate Greek II

This course is designed for those who have completed Intermediate Greek I. It is also open to those who have equivalent language skills. The student will learn how to express themselves at a more complex and subtle level. The student continue to learn more difficult grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions so as to be ready for the Advanced Greek program.


Advanced Greek

The Advanced course assumes proficient knowledge of the Greek language. Advanced grammar and syntax will be instructed for this course. Building upon the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills acquired in the previous three levels, there will be a greater focus on gaining more fluency in conversation, expanding vocabulary and using more complex grammatical structures. Greek heritage and contemporary culture will be explored during the course. The objective of this pro- gram is to prepare students to write the Ellinomatheia exam.